Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Parable of the Tree

Back in May this year I was walking through a local park when a voice told me to "Turn aside and look at that tree."  I stopped in my tracks and turned round and this is what I saw:

All the trees were in full leaf except this one.  I walked over to it to get a closer look and I noticed that there were green leaves and life in a small part of the tree:

However most of the tree showed no sign of life:

Since then I have looked at this tree every time I've gone that way and there has been no sign of life spreading to the bare branches.  Then, this week, I noticed it had been cut down so I went over to look at where it had been when the man watering some nearby flowerbeds said "They had to cut it down as the core was rotten."

Now I am sure this is a warning from God about the church but what in particular.  The church I was attending, any church which is rotten to the core or all the western church?  I don't know but I suspect it is more a warning to be careful about which church you attend.


Anonymous said...

What makes you so sure it is a warning from a non-existant entity?

Still Breathing said...

Anonymous, There is no way I can give you a rational explanation to prove the existence of God so I won't even try. I believe in God and, like many others who do, I occasionally become aware of a thought/voice that isn't mine; a voice which contains wisdom and knowledge that is beyond me. If you don't believe in God you will say that this is my deep subconscious at work and on that we will have to agree to differ.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried to live your life without relying on the alledged god?