Monday, 3 May 2010

Wedding Etiquette

My married daughter is back from her honeymoon and slowly moving her things from our house to their maisonette. Great progress must have been made because I can now see carpet in 'her bedroom' (how long will it take us to stop calling it that?) from the doorway almost as far as the radiator under the window - I'm not sure I've seen that bit of radiator for several years!

I now know that they spent a long time pondering a question of etiquette for which the wedding books didn't provide and answer. They don't tell you when to update your Facebook status to married and change the bride's surname!!! Rather than surreptitiously using a mobile during the service or during the reception they opted to do it while in the taxi from the reception to the hotel; while drinking a bottle of champagne.

Here is another picture of the bride in her finery:


Kathryn said...

I have to say that coming home from that Other Wedding to find that at the top of my Facebook updates was Serena Newman
"Serena is married to Alistair" was one of the most extraordinarily moving announcements in a rather emotional day...It FELT so immediate, so it's no surprise to read that they achieved it en route from the church...

Helen said...

It'll always be "her" bedroom. Apart from anything else, it says Serena on the Winnie the Pooh on the door, which is staying!

Kathryn - I think Serena and Alastair were both SO excited that they couldn't wait to change status and Serena's name!

Serena said...