Thursday, 18 March 2010

Only 2 years to go?

Despite my mental health problem I have, in general, been feeling physically much fitter over the last few months than I have for several years. It was, therefore, something of a surprise to read in the paper that old age starts at 58 leaving me a mere 2 years of middle age before the rot sets in.

Now if I am that close to my dotage you would have thought that I would already be on a downward spiral instead of an upturn in my health.

Read the whole article here:

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serenasnape said...

That's mad! Definitely picks up on what we were saying yesterday about jurors/JPs and age limits - some people are old at 60, some are young at 80 (or 90!); it doesn't seem right to me to say "old age" begins at 58 when people are healthier for longer!